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Broadband filters by Murata


Murata is a known and well-recognised brand which has been present on the market of broadband filters for years. The BNX series of filters is characterized with a broad operating bandwidth ranging from 0.5MHz to 1GHz, which makes it one of the most universal products of this type. These filters supress both interference caused by electrostatic discharges and by unwanted impulses and glitches. Designed to work in direct current circuits and are suitable for THT mounting, they can be applied in consumer electronics, displays, hardware and industrial devices.

Thanks to the efforts made by Murata’s engineers, BNX filters now can work even in the temperature of -40°C. The side effect of this improvement was a reduction in the filter’s height by 0.5 mm, which ensures compatibility with devices designed for legacy versions of filters from this series.

BNX002-11 Interference filter:

Filter type Interference
Mounting THT
Operating voltage 50VDC or 150VDC
Maximum operating current 10A or 15A
Filter series BNX
Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C

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