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HUMMEL stainless steel cable gland


The wide range of cable accessories available at TME includes all the most essential products, e.g. reliable cable glands from German manufacturer HUMMEL. HUMMEL is a family company established in 1948. It comprises fourteen independent subsidiaries seated in various coutries.

During the design and manufacturing process, HUMMEL puts emphasis on the reliability of components – its products are distinguished by their high quality. Apart from the most popular polyamide or brass cable glands, HUMMEL also distributes, via TME, the INOX series of stainless steel components.


INOX glands have recently gained great popularity due to their properties. They can be used in food, marine and chemical industries. The high, IP68 rating guarantees maximum tightness. The glands are dustproof and resistant to continuous immersion in water.

Our catalogue includes various sizes of HUMMEL stainless steel cable glands.


Gland thread: M20
Thread pitch: 1,5
IP rating: IP68
Body material: stainless steel
Cable outer diameter: from 10mm to 14mm
Operating temperature: from -40°C to 100°C
Thread length: 6mm
Thread type: metric
Spanner size: 24mm

Check out the 1.695.2000.50 cable gland

Symbol Description
HUMMEL-1695070001 Cable gland;PG7;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695090001 Cable gland;PG9;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695110001 Cable gland;PG11;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695120050 Cable gland;M12;1,5;IP68;Mat:stainless steel
HUMMEL-1695130001 Cable gland;PG13,5;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695160001 Cable gland;PG16;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695160050 Cable gland;M16;1,5;IP68;Mat:stainless steel
HUMMEL-1695200050 Cable gland;M20;1,5;IP68;Mat:stainless steel
HUMMEL-1695210001 Cable gland;PG21;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695250050 Cable gland;M25;1,5;IP68;Mat:stainless steel
HUMMEL-1695290001 Cable gland;PG29;IP68;Mat:stainless steel;Series:HSK-INOX
HUMMEL-1695320050 Cable gland;M32;1,5;IP68;Mat:stainless steel


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