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Aim TTi laboratory linear power supplies


The original PL series of stationary power supplies was created in the 1980s and quickly set a standard and changed customers' expectations regarding this type of equipment. Over the years, the PL series has been systematically upgraded and expanded.

The new PL series of power supplies by Aim TTi achieve exceptional power efficiency, offering up to 90W in a ¼ rack 3U enclosure. Despite their small size and linear control, these power supplies, thanks to an advanced phase control pre-regulator, generate little heat. The solution allows for much higher energy efficiency than conventional linear control designs. For proper heat dissipation the internal heat sinks use fan-assisted convection cooling with a minimum noise level. In addition, the PL-P series allows remote control of the power supply and is equipped with an analogue, RS-232, USB, LAN (LXI) or GPIB interfaces.


S-Lock function

With this function, you can easily and quickly lock the set current and voltage values. One press of the lock button transfers the voltage and current control from the analogue control elements to the internal digital circuits. This ensures not only full safety but also exceptional stability of parameters.

V-Span function

When working with electronic components, engineers often require a voltage source that works only in a narrow range. The V-Span function allows the user to set limit values in order to define a specific voltage range. Vmin i Vmax can be set anywhere between zero and the maximum output voltage.

The PL series includes power supplies with the following parameters:

  • PL068 0V - 6V/0.1mA - 8A (max. 48W)
  • PL155 0V - 15V/0.1mA - 5A (max. 75W)
  • PL303 0V - 30V/0.1mA - 3A (max. 90W)
  • PL601 0V - 60V/0.1mA -1.5A (max. 90W)

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