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Peltier modules by Wakefield-Vette


Our catalogue has been extended to include new products by Wakefield-Vette. Peltier modules are applied in various areas of electronics, especially including applications where high temperature and efficient cooling of components is required. Peltier modules use the phenomenon of thermoelectric cooling. The amount of heat dissipated is closely related to the current flowing through the cells.

Most common applications of Peltier modules include:

  • cooling of electrical components which are heated during operation, e.g. processors and graphics cards,
  • cooling of laser diodes,
  • they can be used as high-accuracy temperature calibration devices,
  • as temperature regulators in some vehicles,
  • processes and equipment which require precise temperature control.


Peltier module: TEC-30-32-127

Key features which distinguish modules by Wakefield-Vette:

  • all products are RoHS compliant,
  • modules are UL certified,
  • standard wire length is 150 mm,
  • components are silicone-protected against moisture,
  • their operating temperature may reach even 100°C, although for long-term operation the maximum operating temperature is 90°C.

Discover modules available in our catalogue

Max. operating current: 3.9A or 8.5A
Dissipated heat: 20.3W or 33.4W
Max. operating voltage (DC): 4.1V or 15.4V
Resistance: 0.38Ω or 3.37Ω
Max. operating temperature: 90°C
External dimensions: 20x20x3.3 mm (or 3.2 mm)
Wire length: 150 mm


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