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Radio control system from PROMET


Radio control system from PROMET

TME's offer has been enriched by the KR230V-NO radio control system from PROMET.

KR230V-NO is a control system that enables wireless control of machines and industrial devices. The radio control system consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

The transmitter uses radio waves to send instructions to the receiver, while the receiver picks up all commands which will be executed by machines / industrial devices. If the radio transmission is interrupted, incorrect, or false, the receiver will automatically stop the entire system.

Manufacturer PROMET
Module type radio control (transmitter + receiver)
Receiver supply voltage 100...240 V AC
Frequency of operation 434 MHz
Range 0...150 m
Number of channels 63
Operating temperature -20°C … +55°C
Symbol Description
KR230V-NO Radio control module; 100÷240 V AC; Inputs: 10; Outputs: 20

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