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Cosmic achievement of students from Wrocław

Cosmic achievement of students from Wrocław

The TRACZ (Testing Robotic Application For Catching in Zero-G) project assumed creating a prototype of a jamming gripper and checking its functionality in space conditions – in vacuum and microgravity. For two years, students of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology have been designing the device and conducting tests. The jamming gripper technology uses a membrane filled with granules that adapts to the shape of the object to be moved. When the air is sucked out, the granulate hardens and the membrane tightens, making it possible to manipulate objects.

The project culminated in a flight campaign in March 2019. The programme was run jointly by the European (ESA), Swedish (SNSA) and German (DLR) Space Agencies. The gripper was lifted to a height of over 80 km above the sea level using a REXUS rocket. Tests in microgravity conditions lasted 3 minutes and confirmed the full functionality of the device in space. The series of grips and measured force were practically identical to these on Earth.

We would like to congratulate you and wish you further success.

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