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Conquer fuses now available at TME


We are pleased to inform you that TME is now a distributor of fuses from Conquer Electronic Co., Ltd. This is a widely recognized, widely-available producer of electronic security products, based in Taiwan.

Over 40 years of operation, the company has been specialising in a range of products that provide the right level of safety in electrical circuits. It produces, among others, SMD fuses, glass fuses and automotive fuses. With a wide range of customer-specific products, high quality products and advanced manufacturing Conquer has become a major global fuse supplier. In its factories in Taiwan, the company produces 2 billion components yearly.

Conquer follows international norms and standards, and has a fully automated production line, which enables the effective implementation of the company’s motto: „Japanese quality, Taiwan rapidness, and competitive Chinese price”.

We encourage you to get to know the offer of Conquer at TME.

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