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Precise measurements with FLUKE testers and multimeters


Precise measurements with FLUKE testers and multimeters

Precise measurements with FLUKE testers and multimeters

Proper control of the operation of installations, electronic and electrical equipment requires the use of professional and reliable measuring instruments. An example of such dependable instruments are FLUKE products. Get to know some of the best multimeters and testers on the market.


170 series True-RMS digital multimeters


The 170 series are instruments for high accuracy troubleshooting and repairing faults in electrical and electronic systems by measuring the true rms value. The multimeters are simple to use and extremely robust. In addition, they contain a bar graph that facilitates the observation of trends for changing signals. All FLUKE 170 series digital multimeters have manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

TME offer includes 175, 177 and 179 FLUKE digital multimeters with a very good value for money.

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Model 175 177 179
TME product symbol FLK-175 FLK-177 FLK-179
Basic functions
Indication range 6000 6000 6000
True-rms measurement AC AC AC
Basic DC accuracy 0.09% 0.09% 0.09%
Automatic/manual range switching ✔ / ✔ ✔ / ✔ ✔ / ✔
AC/DC voltage 1000 V 1000 V 1000 V
AC/DC current 10 A 10 A 10 A
Resistance 50 MΩ 50 MΩ 50 MΩ
Frequency 100 kHz 100 kHz 100 kHz
Capacitance 10 000 μF 10 000 μF 10 000 μF
Temperature - - (+) 400°C
Diode/continuity test ✔ Display
Other functions
Built-in holster
Backlight -
Operating temperature range -10°C, +50°C -10°C, +50°C -10°C, +50°C
Hazardous voltage indication
EN61010-1 CAT III 1000 V 1000 V 1000 V
EN61010-1 CAT IV 600 V 600 V 600 V
Recommended test leads TL75, TL175 TL75, TL175 TL75, TL175


FLUKE two-pole voltage and continuity testers

These are devices which are used to perform measurements of current voltage and electrical continuity with the phase rotation indicator function. They measure the voltage level, but also check whether it is present in a given circuit at all - even before starting work.

FLUKE voltage and continuity testers ensure user safety, ease of use and reliability, regardless of whether in an industrial, commercial or home working environment. These devices are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.  

Features of T90, T110, T130, T150 FLUKE devices:

  • fast test results,
  • improved ergonomics,
  • very good value for money,
  • four ways to indicate the presence of voltage - LED indicator, LCD display, audible tone or tactile feedback, always know if hazardous voltage is present,
  • dummy load of 30mA, which eliminates incorrect displays,
  • designed according to IEC EN 61243-3:2014 to verify the absence of voltage – even with discharged batteries,
  • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 690 V safety rating,
  • dual insulated cable tested to 3x the required bend angle provides increased reliability and durability,
  • improved probe connection,
  • built-in flashlight,
  • easy to use.

Model T90 T110 T130 T150
TME product symbol FLK-T90 FLK-T110 FLK-T130 FLK-T150
Backlit LED indicator
Backlit digital LCD display - -
Continuity test — visual results
Continuity test — audible results ✔ with on/off ✔ with on/off ✔ with on/off
Vibration under load indicator -
Voltage test
Polarity indication
Resistance measurement - - -
Switchable load -
Single-pole phase detection test
Phase rotation/order indicator -
Probe tip protection
Electric flashlight -