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A ranking of digital multimeters available at TME


A ranking of digital multimeters available at TME

A multimeter is one of the basic tools for any electrical or electronic engineer. No wonder these meters are offered by almost all manufacturers of measuring instruments, including Fluke, Extech, BRYMEN or KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES. Individual models differ in terms of accuracy, available functions and protections, as well as their price. Especially for you, we have prepared a ranking of digital multimeters offered by TME. The ranking includes 20 multimeters, divided into popular price ranges. We invite you to get acquainted with our recommendations and buy a digital multimeter at TME.

Digital multimeters up to GBP 25

The TME catalogue includes multimeters costing less than PLN 100. These are meters from such brands as Axiomet or U-NIT. With their help, you can measure basic electrical quantities such as current, voltage, resistance or capacity. Such devices are perfect for a garage or a DIY workshop.

Axiomet AX-105

A compact multimeter with a True RMS function and an automatic measuring range of DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacity, frequency. Despite its small size, the device has a large, easy-to-read display. With an integrated circuit and 8-bit microprocessor as well as an analogue-to-digital converter with double integration and digital display controller, this multimeter offers both high resolution and high accuracy.

Axiomet AX-100

A compact multimeter with basic functions and an excellent value for money. It is suitable for measurement of AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current and resistance. Large, easy-to-read display allows you to easily interpret measurement results. The measuring range of AC/DC voltage up to 600V and DC current up to 10A makes it a perfect device for basic measurements.

Axiomet AX-582B

A versatile multimeter with a True RMS function. The large, backlit display makes it easy to read the measurement results of transistor’s hFE, AC voltage, DC voltage, capacity, AC current, DC current, resistance. Apart from measuring basic electrical values, thanks to the built-in adapter, the meter can also measure transistors’ capacitance and hFE as well as phase conductor detection (acoustic and optical signalling).


A digital multimeter with a True RMS function. It enables measurement of a wide range of electrical quantities: continuity, frequency, transistor hFE, AC voltage, DC voltage, capacity, AC current, DC current, resistance and temperature. It features, among others, HOLD, MIN/MAX and auto power off functions.

Digital multimeters from GBP 25 to GBP 45

The higher price range includes meters with a much wider range of functions. Among the models offered by Axiomet, Extech and UNI-T you will find those with the option of temperature measurement, diode test, circuit continuity test or electric field detection. These devices can be used in laboratories or industrial plants.

Axiomet AX-588B

A versatile multimeter for measuring DC and AC voltages and currents, resistance, capacity, inductance, temperature, frequency, continuity test, diode test, transistor test. It has a 3.5-inch backlit LCD display. The wide measurement range of AC/DC voltage, up to 1000V, and AC/DC current up to 20A make it an advanced device at an attractive price. The meter is suitable for laboratory and industrial applications.

Axiomet AX-594

A digital multimeter with high accuracy and automatic ranges. It is equipped with a backlit LCD display of 3.75 digits with a height of 33mm, thanks to which it is significantly easier to read and thus facilitates work. You can use this multimeter to measure DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, capacity, frequency, duty cycle test diode test and continuity test. The device also has an analogue indicator function (bar graph), unit display, readout hold function, relative measurement function (REL), USB interface and auto power off function.


UT139C is a versatile, digital multimeter equipped with a large, backlit, 3.5-inch display. The device is characterized by a large number of functions, ease of use and reliability of operation. The meter is designed to measure voltage and current of direct and alternating current, V.F.C. (AC measurement for changing frequency), resistance, diode test, circuit continuity, capacitance, duty cycle, and it also has the NCV (electric field detection) function.

Extech EX330

EX330 is a compact, automatic multimeter equipped with a very large display and a built-in non-contact AC voltage detector. Advanced features include measurement of frequency, duty cycle, capacity and temperature, diode test and continuity test. In addition, the multimeter has data hold (HOLD) and relative measurement (REL) functions.

Digital multimeters from GBP 45 to GBP 100

Axiomet AX-160IP

An advanced multimeter with an innovative design, with a touch panel instead of a standard range switch. A large, double and automatically backlit screen makes the reading of measurement data easy. The multimeter has a True RMS function and can store up to 10 measurement results. Thanks to the IP56 rating, the device can operate even in the most unfavourable conditions and is splash proof.


The BM257S multimeter with a True RMS function is an ideal combination of size and innovation. Automatic measuring ranges speed up the work considerably and the input protection and non-contact voltage detection enable safe measurements and make this a device ideal for electricians.

Axiomet AX-190A

A versatile multimeter by Axiomet at an attractive price. The distinguishing feature of this multimeter is the ability to measure light intensity, sound level and humidity. A large double display makes it easy to read the measurement results. Thanks to automatic ranges and the possibility of measuring frequency, AC voltage, DC voltage, light intensity, capacity, sound level, AC current, DC current and resistance, the multimeter is a great choice for laboratory, industrial and maintenance applications.


AM-510-EUR is a high quality, general purpose automatic multimeter. The device is characterized by a robust design and ease of use. In addition to measuring basic electrical quantities, the device has a built-in flashlight and electric field detection with acoustic and optical signalling (VoltTect).

Digital multimeters from GBP 100 to GBP 200

This product group includes meters with a very wide range of functionalities. They are characterized by reliability and comfort of use as well as accuracy and versatility of measurements. In this price range you will find products from manufacturers such as Fluke, BRYMEN or UNI-T.


An advanced digital multimeter by Brymen. The device is characterized by high performance and measurement accuracy. The most important functions include unrivalled resolution of 1µV (DCV), 100 kHz AC and AC + DC True RMS, CAT IV 1000V safety, VFD that provides simultaneous measurement of AC voltage and frequency and the CREST function – recording of MAX, MIN peak values and MAX-MIN impulses > 0.8ms of current and voltage.

Fluke FLK-117

A basic multimeter designed for electricians, offering a non-contact voltage tester. The Fluke brand is a synonym for highest performance and reliability. This meter features VoltAlert™ non-contact voltage detection technology, AutoVolt automatic voltage selection, low input impedance. TrueRMS function enables accurate measurement of non-linear loads.

Fluke FLK-175

A high quality general purpose multimeter. With its combination of precision, properties, ease of use, safety and reliability, the device sets standards in this class of multimeters. In addition to current and voltage measurements, it measures frequency and capacitance, resistance, continuity and diode test. Fluke confirms the effectiveness and reliability of this product by offering a lifetime warranty.


A high quality digital multimeter with a double display and a bar graph. The device is characterized by a large number of functions, ease of use and reliability of operation. The meter is designed to measure DC and AC voltage and current, resistance, diode test, circuit continuity, duty cycle and temperature.

Digital multimeters above GBP 200

This price range includes multimeters that meet the highest standards, and are suitable for work that requires the utmost accuracy and safety. They offer reliable operation and the widest range of functions, including remote data logging and wireless data recording compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Fluke FLK-179

Fluke 179 is a high quality general purpose multimeter. In addition to measuring current and voltage, the device measures frequency and capacitance, resistance, continuity and test diode and temperature. The meter is easy and safe to use, adapted to the needs of the most demanding users. The manufacturer guarantees the highest quality and precision in a lifetime warranty for this device.

Fluke FLK-289

An efficient and advanced multimeter for troubleshooting in electronics, plant automation, power distribution and electromechanical equipment. The collected data can be recorded and viewed graphically on the display. The multimeter can monitor the operation of systems and processes in your absence. Using the optional IR3000FC connector and the Fluke Connect application, it can communicate wirelessly with iOS and Android devices.


An advanced multimeter with a TRUE RMS function and a 4.5-inch colour display that allows you to draw a trend chart of changes in time. The device can measure basic electrical quantities and store 20,000 measurement results. Additionally, the data can be transferred to a computer using a USB cable. Thanks to the IP65 degree of protection, the device is resistant to water and dust ingress.



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