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How does TME support the maintenance of your machine park?


How does TME support the maintenance of your machine park?

The efficiency of every machine park depends on regular maintenance work and effective elimination of malfunctions. These in turn depend on the availability of components to be replaced. However, there's more. Maintenance also includes tools, measuring instruments as well as entire control systems. The latter make it possible to identify the location of the failure and even predict its occurrence. This allows service technicians to effectively prevent wear and tear on machines as early as during the maintenance phase.

At TME, we understand perfectly well how important it is to distribute servicing components efficiently, which is why we offer technical support to our customers, along with a wide range of products available from stock. All products that modern machinery requires can be conveniently ordered from our catalogue. Moreover, our customers can be sure that the ordered part, sensor or component will be sent to them as soon as possible. Even within less than twenty hours.

Both the offer itself and the TME ordering system enable us to support customers who, in the field of maintenance, apply the management system known as TPM (i.e. Total Productive Maintenance). In this method, production continuity is ensured by detailed monitoring of all components and subsystems in the production line. Rather than replacing already broken parts, maintenance technicians make sure to replace in advance any components that might fail. What is more, this management method can be further improved by integration of customer’s and distributor’s ordering systems. In this way, the stage of “manual'” ordering of the needed parts is excluded. TME offers such a service. Our customers can be sure that the components they need will reach their company on time and they can monitor their stock levels and delivery times, which are displayed on our website in real time.

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Review of products for Maintenance Departments


The automation section of the TME catalogue includes the necessary high quality components. It contains all kinds of sensors and transducers, as well as a vast selection of components for machine control. In addition to the basic components such as thermostats, photoelectric and inductive sensors, or components related to pressure control, browse the automation section to find industrial network elements as well as motor control equipment such as: inverters, servo controllers and stepper motor controllers. Our experts look after a wide range of high quality time, monitoring and programmable relays. It is also the place where we offer products directly related to employees’ safety, such as: industrial signalling devices or safety switches. Finally, in the automation section, you will also find small items that are inseparably linked to machine maintenance, such as limit switches or reed switches.

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Circuit breakers

Maintenance-free automation requires that constructors and service technicians carefully safeguard machines and plants. Thanks to the deep standardization of circuit breakers, TME offers a wide range of universal devices under this section. These are primarily residual current and overcurrent circuit breakers from leading manufacturers. There are also surge arresters and motor protection breakers. For all these products we provide a wide range of mounting accessories, such as surface-mounted enclosures and auxiliary contacts.

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Relays and contactors

This section also includes a large number of products related to industrial automation. These are, of course,contactor main modules and accessories (e.g. auxiliary contacts). We also maintain a high stock of industry-dedicated electromagnetic relays (including: interface, DIN rail-mounted options).

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We are well aware of how many machine malfunctions are caused by power system failures. In devices whose work depends on a stable AC power source, for more than a hundred years the heart of power supply has been a transformer. Transformers are a specific, but extremely diverse range of products. That is why the TME department responsible for inductive components makes sure that customers have access to the widest possible selection of finished components. These include encapsulated, toroidal, protective transformers, as well as those equipped with the appropriate mounting elements, but also structural components (cores, coil formers, winding wires and other accessories).

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Connectors, cables, switches and small components

During maintenance works, the following proverb is very often true – the devil is in the detail. Efficient operation of machines and production lines depends on the quality of each and every contact and conductor. That is why we always recommend to our customers the use of connectors and wires from proven, renowned manufacturers. This especially applies to HD (heavy duty) or signal connectors and cables that are used in the development of industrial networks, as well as single-core cables, and the finest accessories such as switches and indicators. TME’s range of products in these fields includes tens of thousands of products. The range of industrial plugs and sockets alone includes thousands of standard and customized connectors used in machines around the world.

Measuring instruments

Taking measurements is a part and parcel of maintenance and servicing works. Measuring instruments used in machine parks must be characterized by precision, but also comfort of use and durability (due to working conditions). TME offers a wide range of laboratory instruments (e.g. meters and oscilloscopes), but there are also measuring devices for field work. These include multimeters, clamp meters, testers and electrical installation meters. The catalogue also includes portable oscilloscopes, inspection cameras, borescopes and such accessories as: high voltage probes, bags or magnetic measuring probes. Other meters, available from TME, such as tachometers and sound level meters, will also be indispensable for machine park inspections.

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The work of every maintenance and servicing technician depends on the quality of the tools they use. We make every effort to ensure that a tool purchased from TME always stands for durability and comfort of use. This applies to tools used for work with the machine, such as multifunction pliers or insulation strippers, as well as those used in the workshop or during maintenance works, e.g. drills. We also offer wrench sets, screwdriver bits, screwdrivers themselves, as well as measuring tools and many other products.

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