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How do products by Fluke support Maintenance Departments?


How do products by Fluke support Maintenance Departments?

Rapid fault detection is extremely important in the process of maintaining production continuity. To avoid downtime and, consequently, financial losses, attention should be paid to the selection of diagnostic equipment. Multimeters and thermal imaging cameras can prove helpful.

FLK-PTI120 pocket thermal imager

A thermal imaging camera is an invaluable diagnostic device, but the dimensions of standard instruments may be a disadvantage in difficult conditions. Fluke has developed a solution to this problem – FLK-PTI120 pocket thermal imager that combines the advantages of a standard thermal imaging camera with the convenience of a compact size. It is ideal for applications where quick diagnostics is required, such as control and distribution cabinets, motors, building installations, heating and ventilation systems. At the same time, the camera is adapted to work in difficult conditions, it is resistant to water, dust and oil (IP 54) and drops from a height of 1m. Thanks to the IR-Fusion™ technology, it is possible to overlay images taken under visible and infrared light. To change the image mode, simply slide your finger across the screen.

What should you pay attention to when choosing pocket-sized thermal imaging camera?

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Key features of the FLK-PTI120 thermal imager:

  • temperature measurement range: -20°C to +150°C
  • 3.5’’ touch screen
  • FLUKE Connect® function allows you to transfer and store images in the cloud
  • IP54 rating
  • one-pixel measuring accuracy (at 120 x 90 resolution)

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FLK-179- 2/IMSK set designed for Maintenance purposes

FLUKE also offers the FLK-179- 2/IMSK set designed for electricians, servicing and maintenance staff.

The set includes:

  • FLK-179 digital multimeter
    • One of the most popular multimeters by FLUKE, extremely durable, with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Equipped with a True RMS converter.
  • FLK-323 clamp meter
    • Enables measurements of alternating current up to 400A, and
  • FLK-AC175 crocodile clips
  • FLK-TL75 test leads
  • Type-K thermocouple probe FLK-80BK-A
  • Battery

Technical data:

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The FLK-179- 2/IMSK set has been designed to solve a wide range of electrical maintenance problems and is also available at a very attractive price*.

Discover the FLK-179- 2/IMSK set in our catalogue »

* Compared to products sold separately.

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