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Preventa XPS Universal offered by Schneider Electric


Preventa XPS Universal offered by Schneider Electric

Preventa XPS Universal is a new generation of safety modules from Schneider Electric. The modules implement the management of single safety functions in all potentially dangerous applications of simple and medium complexity. These devices offer greater simplicity and innovative, user-friendly functions ensuring adequate protection of the operator and the machine itself.

The main advantage of the XPS Universal series is that it does not require complicated fieldbus technology to exchange messages when working with PLC controllers. Communication takes place via a straight wire in a point-to-point connection between the semiconductor output of the module and the digital input of the PLC controller. It is possible to send up to 40 different messages, among others, a message about the cause of the failure and the upcoming test cycles, which significantly reduces machine shutdown time. This is possible by using pulse coding and function block decoding that must be integrated into the driver program. Schneider Electric has a public library of function blocks for programming systems for the most popular drivers on the market.

The next advantage of the new series is that each module can be adapted to several different safety functions. The function is selected by means of rotary switches located on the front of the module, the functions available, among others, are: emergency stop, anti-valent contacts, protection switch, magnetic switch, safety proximity sensor, PNP sensor, NPN sensor, RFID safety switch, safety curtains, two-hand operation control, mat/edge sensor. This functionality reduces the number of different module types, making it easier to manage the availability of machine spare parts.

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Get to know Preventa series products available at TME:

Schneider Electric's Preventa products include not only modules but also high quality sensors and switches, which help to ensure safety when operating the machinery and meet the safety requirements for applications.

With Preventa it is easy to:

  • automate the shutdown of dangerous machines
  • secure dangerous areas
  • provide your employees with easy access to stop dangerous machines

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