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Han-Eco® and Han® 1A industrial connectors



HARTING is one of key manufacturers of industrial connectivity solutions, whose standard definitely satisfies the requirements of the Industry 4.0. reality. Its products are a popular choice in the fields of automation, robotics, transport and solutions used in the automotive industry or digitization and clouding implementation and work well with modern machines requiring advanced computational processes. The wide range of products by HARTING includes, among others, wires and cable assemblies, interface connectors, Mini Coax coaxial connectors, DIN 41612 connectors, metric connectors, fibre-optic elements, TCA connectors and Han® industrial connectors. The Han® series is one of the flagship HARTING products and is already considered to be a standard of industrial connectors. Below, we present a short overview of state-of-the-art solutions by this German manufacturer.

Han® connectors

Han® connectors are the basis for transmission of data, signals and power in the industry. Those durable, universal and more and more compact rectangular connectors are already an almost standard solution for, among others, drivers, small drives or control cabinets. In its development, the Han® connectors family reflects changes in e.g. robotics, where increasingly smaller drives require increasingly smaller interfaces. A perfect example of manufacturer’s response to these trends is the Han® 1A series of connectors. These components are made from plastic and satisfy the needs for miniaturization and versatility – for example in the field of shielding for motor connections.

10200030005 HAN connectors: 10200030005

Miniature connectors from the Han® 1A series for all types of industrial connectivity solutions

Han® 1A is HARTING’s response to the miniaturization trend in the industrial sector. This series is characterized with significantly smaller dimensions compared to the most similar Han® 3A connector, which is already a compact one. Thanks to its modularity (the most important characteristic of the Han® 1A system), the connector can be used in any area in which there are small drives, sensors and devices. The user can flexibly combine inserts, contacts, housings and interlocks, achieving a level of protection according to the needs.

IP20 protection level is achieved right at the start, by press fitting of two elements (even before gaskets are used). A base connection achieved in this way can be used directly inside machines or in other areas in which the protection is already provided. Yet, only a small modification, namely using gaskets protecting each contact, enables the use of rotary connectors on grippers and in robots. Along with additional components, the protection rating can be extended up to IP65 to enable the use of the connectors in harsher environmental conditions. It is worth noticing that in this series, housings, gaskets, inserts and glands are made from highly resistant materials, such as, among others, polyamide. To obtain connections that are safe and resistant to stress (comprehensive on-site installation) the series offers contacts mounted with screws and clips.

Han 1A Han® 1A series rectangular connector

The Han® 1A series of connectors enables flexible and effective connection of tools and modules, such as, among others: heaters, fans or vibrating feeders. Typical applications include the energy sector and traffic control in general: lighting systems and displays, speakers, door drives etc.

In the field of transportation engineering, the series is recommended for connections of door systems, headlights, speakers, displays, warning lights or hazard warning lights, buttons or buzzers. The railroad industry is a field in which those space-saving connectors work particularly well, because the railway vehicles designers intensively seek miniature solutions.

Benefits connected with the Han® 1A series can be easily summarized in several points. Firstly, miniaturization: dimensions of these connectors are ca. 30% smaller compared to the Han® 3A series, which is already famous for its small size. Secondly, the versatility of use: transmission of data, signals and power (the connectors have from 3 to 12 pins). Thirdly, this versatility is also achieved thanks to the modularity of the system of inserts, housings and other accessories. Here, another benefit follows: these connectors can be used both indoors and outdoors (IP20 – IP65). With “click” mounting, the installation time is shorter: Han® 1A is a fast and protected connection and it does not require the use of screws.

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Han-Eco® A and Han-Eco® B as an ultra-light and durable alternative to metal connectors

Han-Eco® is a series of housings made from fibre-glass reinforced polyamide (25% admixture), which constitute an equivalent or rather an alternative to heavier metal housings. Yet, they remain fully compatible with them, with available dimensions ranging from 10A to 16A and from 6B, through 10B, 16B and even up to 24B. The quality of workmanship in Han-Eco® plugs/sockets from reinforced materials guarantees their high durability at a low weight. They prove to be useful in both indoor and outdoor applications thanks to their resistance to environmental factors. Furthermore, they are characterized with the UL94 V0 flammability standard. E.g. cable terminals with the ISO metric screw threads or with cable gland are available, where mounting does not require any tools. Han-Eco® series has one important advantage, namely the insert can be installed on the back (inside) of the socket housing thanks to the option of removing the inner frame on which the insert is mounted.

The core of the Han-Eco® series offer are the Han-Eco® A and Han-Eco® B lines. The former one, thanks to its narrow structure, is an interesting choice for many applications in which the space is limited. It can be easily mounted on the wall of the control cabinet thanks to the option of insert installation at the back of the housing, as described above. The idea is that the holding frame with initially mounted inserts is inserted at the back of the socket’s housing mounted on a panel, which is then attached to the control cabinet. It does not mean, however, that standard mounting is not possible – both options are possible and equally available.

Han-Eco® B line constitutes an alternative to the standard Han® B line of metal housings. The connectors, available in 6B to 24B size options, are widely used in the industry. As they are made of plastic, the products from this line are resistant to external factors (no corrosion), and at the same time tight, up to IP65. In this series, both monoblocks and modular inserts combined with Han-Modular®hinged frames can be inserted into the housing.

The connectors in this product line can be rear-mounted, which significantly reduces the installation time. However, the biggest advantage of Han-Eco® B housings is their full compatibility with the Han® B line, thanks to which users can choose freely whether to fit their machines with metal or plastic housings. Furthermore, having made the decision, they can change it in any moment.

Han-Eco B rear fit A complete „Rear-Fit” connector that makes mounting easy

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