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Honeywell pressure sensors


Honeywell pressure sensors

Sensors are key components of electronics, which is are the heart of modern automation. At the same time, being exposed to a multitude of environmental factors (e.g. temperature or vibrations) which make precise measurements difficult. This is the reason automation systems, especially those designed with efficiency in mind, require long term stability, reliability.

Trustability sensors can be deployed in demanding applications providing industry leading accuracy of ±0.25 %FSS BFSL. Providing long-term, stable operation of equipment, production lines and sometimes even entire machine parks. Choosing high quality sensors is an investment in the future, reduces maintenance costs and the number of malfunctions to a minimum.

Pressure sensors are key components. Measurements made by these parts may be affected by several factors, such as temperature fluctuations. Therefore, we recommend the Honeywell TruStability series. These sensors are designed to perform precise measurements and to work reliably for many years.

TruStability SSC & HSC TruStability pressure sensors

TruStability sensors from the SSC and HSC groups are characterised by precision and resistance to external factors. They are piezoresistive sensors with analogue or digital output (SPI or I2C bus). Their measurement range is from 2,5mBar to 10Bar. The sensors are enclosed in housings that are suitable for PCB mounting (SMT or THT) and therefore can be used directly in the control circuit. SSC and HSC provide the following measurement options:

  • Absolute pressure, measuring in relation to an on-board reference, which is the vacuum. The pressure measurement resulting is an absolute value.
  • Differential pressure, Output is proportional to the difference between the pressures applied to each port (Port 1 – Port 2) providing (differential measurement)
  • Relative or Guage pressure measuring in relation to either atmospheric pressure (gauge measurement)

Honeywell Trustability Pressure Sensors offer total error bands of 1% HSC series and 2% SSC series including all variations due to temperature, with the best straight line fit of error of 0.25% at 25°c. The Trustability family is fully calibrated and temperature compensated for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and nonlinearity using an on-board Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). This guarantees the “true stability” of the measurement. For best accuracy HSC can achieve 1% total error band from 0-50°c where an application can tolerate a wider total error band SSC series can achieve 2% TEB over the temperature range -20°c – 85°c.

Honeywell sensors are designed for use with non-corrosive, non-ionized gases, liquid media options are available. TruStability products can be successfully employed in conventional applications, such as HVAC system components or industrial pneumatics as well as in high-precision devices, barometers, gas chromatography or even medical equipment.


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