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R52 series capacitors by Kemet


Kemet R52

When designing any device, regardless of its later application, it is worth equipping it with good quality capacitors. The life span of a device depends to a large extent on these components. One of the companies whose products are of the highest quality is Kemet. In the offer of this manufacturer, special attention should be paid to R52 series suppression capacitors.

Discover the offer of R52 capacitors

Kemet R52 series suppression capacitors - specification

The R52 series polypropylene capacitors feature the following parameters:

  • Capacitance ranging from 100nF to 22µF
  • 310VAC / 560VDC rated voltage
  • Operating temperature up to 110°C
  • Lead spacing from 15mm up to 37.5mm (depending on capacitance)
  • Automotive grade (AEC–Q200)
  • High resistance to adverse operating conditions (IEC 60384-14)

Kemet R52

Kemet capacitors consist of two layers – conductive one and isolating one, which are formed together into a flattened cylinder. On both sides of the cylinder, there are metal plates to which the leads are attached. The entire unit is fitted in a plastic case.

The R52 series capacitor case itself deserves attention because of its size. In comparison with e.g. the older model of the F862 series with the capacitance of 0,47µF and 15mm lead spacing, the R52 series capacitor is 86% smaller.

R52 capacitors, like other Kemet products, are subjected to numerous tests which confirm their reliability under any conditions. These tests prove that the new series of capacitors is characterised, among others, by excellent resistance to unfavourable external conditions. The capacitance drift tests are presented in the graph below:

Kemet R52

Tests carried out at 85°C and 85% humidity confirm that the maximum capacitance drift ranges from 6-8%, with the average value of 2-4%.

Also noteworthy is the maximum charging current of the new capacitors. During the test the value of the charging current was examined depending on the frequency and capacitance of the capacitor. The test was performed at 25°C. At some capacitances the charging current below the frequency of 1kHz is less than 1A, however, after exceeding 1KHz. the current is always greater than 1A. The results are shown in the graph.

Kemet R52

Application of Kemet capacitors in the automotive and electromobility industry

One of the industries where R52 series capacitors can be successfully used is the automotive industry. Electronic systems mounted in vehicles must offer excellent durability. What is more, every component, including the capacitor, must be resistant to unfavourable road conditions.

Converters and inverters used in electric cars must also demonstrate excellent performance. This is influenced by, among other things, battery charging time. The R52 series capacitors can be used to increase product efficiency.

R52 capacitors in household appliances and audio/video equipment

R52 capacitors are also suitable for use in the household appliances and audio/video equipment. In this type of devices, power supply systems are designed from scratch. This is essential if you want to achieve excellent equipment efficiency and maintain the continuity of production. For example, the proper preparation of electronic components for the production of audio and video equipment requires their prior start-up. This process is usually carried out parallel to the main assembly. All components must arrive at the production line at the right time, and their quality must be impeccable.

Perfect solution for electronics

In the production of electronic equipment, size is important, so it is essential to use components with as small dimensions as possible. According to Kemet, using their products will save on average 41% of space on a PCB (data refers to power supplies). The space saving will also bring other advantages in the future. A smaller PCB will save storage space, which is also very important in optimising the production process.

Energy meters with Kemet capacitors

Energy meters are another product that must operate with the highest accuracy and without interruption. The use of Kemet capacitors allows to build high quality equipment, resistant to all kinds of external factors. Additionally, their dimensions allow to reduce the size of the PCB by 38% in average.

Manufacture of control and measuring instruments

Every control and measuring instrument (whether it is a standard digital multimeter or a professional calibrator should offer the highest possible measurement accuracy. In order to achieve this, manufacturers of equipment must design the measuring circuits of the aforementioned devices in an appropriate way. The higher the quality of the components, the easier it is to achieve the intended effect and accuracy of the end product.

To sum up, the R52 series capacitors by Kemet are characterized by excellent properties and small size. Therefore, they are suitable for a wide range of applications and will work well even in very demanding conditions.

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