EXTECH meters of environmental conditions

EXTECH meters of environmental conditions
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TME’s offer has been enriched by new 510 series meters of environmental conditions from EXTECH.

The new 510 series includes:
  • thermo-anemometers,
  • electromagnetic field measuring device,
  • photometer,
  • thermo-hygrometer,
  • sound meter,
  • UV meter.

The EN510 meter is especially noteworthy, since it can be used to measure numerous parameters: pressure, wet-bulb, light intensity, air flow, air velocity, dew point, temperature, and humidity.

These meters are compact in size and have large, easily readable displays. Their consistent design and identical button placement makes them easy to use and minimises the time necessary to familiarise oneself with a new device.


Symbol Description
AN510 Thermo-anemometer; LCD; 0÷50°C; Includes: batteries, hand strap
EMF510 Electromagnetic field measuring device; LCD, backlit
EN510 Thermo-anemometer; 0÷50°C; 10÷95% RH; Humidity measurement accuracy: ±0,4%
LT510 Photometer; LCD; 0.1÷200000 lx; 5%; Resolution: 1 lux; 141 x 58 x 25 mm; 160 g
RHT510 Thermo-hygrometer; Temperature: 0÷50°C; 10÷95% RH; ±4%; Product series: 510
SL510 Sound meter; LCD; Sound level measurement: 35÷130 dB
UV510 UV meter; LCD, backlit; 141 x 58 x 25 mm; 160 g; Product series: 510


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