FTDI FT800 EVE LCD Touch display controllers

EVE (Embedded Video Engine) is a system combining features of QVGA/WQVGA graphic displays’ controller, resistance touch display controller and audio controller. Thanks to such configuration, development of any application with the use of a touch display is exceptionally simple, and the application itself, very cheap. The whole activity connected with the operation of a touch display and a speaker is hardware supported which means that in order to develop a ready device, apart from the FT800 system, touch display and speaker, all we need is just a cheap microcontroller.

Apart from that, the manufacturer offers ready modules with FT800 systems and 3,5”, 4,3”, 5” displays to be used directly in Embedded applications.

The circuits can be used in building automation applications, medical equipment, public utility equipment (e.g. parking meters, automatic information service units) and many others.

The main features of the systems:
• RGB interface to support QVGA/WQVGA graphic displays
• 4-wire interface to support resistant touch displays
• audio output
• PWM output to adjust display’s brightness
• anti-aliasing
• SPI interface, I2C to communicate with a microcontroller


Symbol Description
FT800Q-R EVE integrated circuit – touch display controller
VM800C35A-D EVE development kit with a 3,5’’ touch display
VM800C35A-N EVE development kit for 3,5’’ touch displays
VM800C43A-D EVE development kit with a 4,3’’ touch display
VM800C43A-N EVE development kit for 4,3’’ touch display
VM800C50A-D EVE development kit with a 5’’ touch display
VM800B35A-BK EVE module with a 3,5’’ touch display, black frame
VM800B35A-PL EVE module with a 3,5’’ touch display, pearl frame
VM800B43A-BK EVE module with a 4,3’’ touch display, black frame
VM800B43A-PL EVE module with a 4,3’’ touch display, pearl frame
VM800B50A-BK EVE module with a 5’’ touch display, black frame
VM800B50A-PL EVE module with a 5’’ touch display, pearl frame


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