NEWBRAND insulated knives for electricians

We particularly recommend knives with straight, semi-circular and hook shaped blades with a leading base at the end of a blade. Maximum operating voltage of those knives is up to 1000V AC. Products are compliant with the international IEC 60900:2004 standard.

They are characterized with a modern design and aesthetic workmanship. An additional advantage is ergonomic, anti-slip handle with a protection sleeve to prevent hand sliding. Each of the knives is equipped with a blade protection cap.


Symbol Description
NB-KNIFE01 Knife; for electricians, insulated; Blade type: straight; 195mm
NB-KNIFE02 Knife; for electricians, insulated; Blade type: hook shaped
NB-KNIFE03 Knife; for electricians, insulated; Blade type: semicircular; 180mm


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