Polypropylene Capacitors series MMKV

Polypropylene Capacitors series MMKV
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Capacitors with polypropylene dielectric, series MMKV are next TME novelty in the field of passive components. Capacitors can be self-regenerated, have high contact reliability and low inductance.


  • thyristors and semiconductor diodes protection,
  • rectifiers,
  • inverters,
  • high switching current voltage converters (snubber systems)


Nominal voltage : 1600V AC
Peak voltage : 2000V AC
Capacity tolerance : 10%
Dimensions : ø50 x 95mm
Operational temperature : from -25ºC to +85°C
Housing :Aluminum


Symbol Capacity [µF] Nominal current [A]
MMKV-0.33U/1600 0,33 10
MMKV-0.47U/1600 0,47 14
MMKV-0.68U/1600 0,68 16


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