Air quality metres

Air quality metres


The beginning of the heating season is the last moment to take care of your family, employees’ and your own health and comfort. We offer particle counters which can help you do it in the most difficult part of the year. The devices are dedicated for indoor (A25M, A25D and AIRSENSOR-ECL01) and outdoor use, and also for thorough diagnostics (DT-9880, VPC300, FLK-985).

The appliances for indoor use measure PM2.5 particle concentration (the most harmful atmospheric pollution), temperature and humidity (A25D and AIRSENSOR-ECL01). They can be used to monitor all of the most important air quality parameters indoors.

The most advanced model of this group, AIRSENSOR-ECL01 from the Polish manufacturer Ecolife, uses WIFI connection for sharing measured data with a paired smartphone, tablet (Android or iOS) or PC. Besides basic parameters, it also measures pressure, PM10 particle concentration and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Some of the meters allow for measuring particles of six sizes, from 0.3 to 10 μm diameter. DT-9880 and VPC300 models are fitted with a camera, which is particularly useful in making reports. Moreover, FLK-985 has a capacious memory (up to 10 000 recorded scores) and a graphic display which makes the work easier. The meters are used not only in HVAC, but also in the automotive and metallurgy industries, or wherever there is a dustiness issue (e.g. cement production, fossil fuels burning, mining).




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