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FISCHER ELEKTRONIK is a company with several decades of experience in producing heatsinks and other heat dissipation products. It ranks among the top global manufacturers of those products. FISCHER ELEKTRONIK is renowned for excellent workmanship quality of its products, use of highest quality components, and large variety of the product portfolio.

Cooling high power LEDs is a relatively new challenge in the field of thermal stabilisation of components. This kind of lighting has quickly gained popularity. It is now one of the most common solutions in architecture, automotive industry, as well as electronics for everyday use. That is why FISCHER ELEKTRONIK has introduced a special section of products for this issue.


Since efficiency of optoelectronic components is highly dependent on their cooling, heat sinks for light sources are designed by the specialists at FISCHER ELEKTRONIK for specific applications. This ensures the longest possible lifetime and the highest possible efficiency of components while reducing power loss. FISCHER ELEKTRONIK heat sinks are made of aluminium. Some of them are also anodised, which changes the colour of their material and makes them resistant to external factors. These heat sinks are produced as ready to use, single components (cast or pressed) and as profiles, allowing the users to cut their own "patches" of desired width.


FISCHER ELEKTRONIK products do not have mounting holes. This allows for using them in various configurations and adjusting them to specific solutions. This is important since there is no set standard for electroluminescent diodes.

Thanks to the close cooperation of TME and FISCHER ELEKTRONIK, our customers have more options. First and foremost, TME can deliver any product from the catalogue of this manufacturer to you – even if it is not included in our assortment. What's more, you can also personalise the heat sinks you order via TME. At our customers' request, FISCHER ELEKTRONIK can e.g. drill a cooling a component on in accordance with a provided design.



Please check out the full offer of FISCHER ELEKTRONIK products in our catalogue. It includes numerous enclosures and products designed for thermal regulation of electronic components: heat sinks for various popular integrated circuit formats, pads, heat transfer glues, insulating ferrules, and other essential accessories.



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