PicoLog 6 data logging equipment



Need a data logger that lets you start recording with just a few clicks of the mouse? Choose one of the data loggers from Pico Technology that leverage the intuitive and easy-to-use PicoLog 6 software.

PicoLog 6 features:


  • one software for all data loggers – you can simultaneously connect up to 20 data loggers to a single PC (those loggers may be of different types, e.g. current, voltage, or temperature loggers)
  • automatic recognition of connected devices
  • interface that is easy to use
  • settings configuration in a few seconds
  • math channel setup




Depending on the type of data you want to log and analyse, you can choose from the following data loggers that support PicoLog 6 software and are included in TME's offer:

CM3 current data loggers:


Download PDF file

  • let you measure the current used by machinery, building's three-phase power supply, or the entire power supply
  • dual USB/Ethernet interface ensures seamless installation; USB is used for local logging, Ethernet is used for remote logging
  • wide measurement range – from 0 to 200A
  • current clamps (included with the CM3-KIT version) let you log 3 signals




PicoLog 1000 voltage-input data loggers:


Download PDF file

  • independent configurable channels, ranges, scaling, and programmable control outputs
  • many channels, fast sampling rate (up to 16 single-ended analogue input channels) wejściowych)
  • up to 12 bit resolution with 0.5% accuracy




USB DrDAQ® data acquisition system:


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  • all-in-one data logger, oscilloscope, signal generator, and spectrum analyser
  • built-in sensors for light, sound, and temperature
  • pH measurements with standard electrodes
  • option to connect with external sensors and devices
  • up to 20 DrDAQ® data loggers can be connected to a single PC
  • math channels




ADC 20/ADC-24 voltage input data loggers:


  • high accuracy and resolution (24 bits), programmable input ranges
  • up to 8 true differential inputs
  • up to 16 single-ended inputs
  • fast conversion time
  • digital outputs for control




USB TC-08 thermocouple data logger:


Download PDF file

  • high accuracy and resolution (24 bits); measurements from -270 to +1820°C (depending on thermocouple used); supports all popular thermocouple types; simultaneous measurements and logging of up to 8 thermocouples
  • up to 10 measurements per second




PT-104 temperature logger:


Download PDF file

  • highest resolution (24 bits) and accuracy (0.015°C +0.01%)
  • works with PT100 and PT1000 sensors
  • supports 2, 3, and 4-wire sensors
  • voltage and resistance measurements (with the optional PR185 adapter)
  • USB interface ensures easy installation
  • Ethernet interface used for remote control
  • uses calibrated reference resistors for stability
  • measures temperatures from -200°C to +800°C




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