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RELPOL is a company with 60 years of experience. Its products are used in industrial automation, electrical automation, power electronics, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, telecommunications, home appliances, and many other applications. TME distributes more than 500 different RELPOL products. The vast majority of those products are relays used in industrial automation.




Proven solutions

Relpol RUC-1012-25-1024

RELPOL continuously improves its products and adapts them for extended use, co-operating with regular customers and others. The RUC series of products is one example of assortment created as a result of many years of evolution. This series of products includes, among others, general application relays. Each individual RUC model features AC and DC coils. Maximum contact load current is 16A for 250VAC and 10A for 400VAC. Due to their durability, wide range of specifications, and suitability for mounting in standard sockets, these relays are used in many applications: heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, motor control, photoelectric installations, machinery and devices in various industries. Some of them also have test buttons and operation indicators (LEDs).

The universal solutions by RELPOL also include small industrial automation components such as the RLK series of modular voltage indicators. They are available in several different colours and versions for single-phase or three-phase installations.


Relpol RPC-1BP-A230

New items

TME's catalogue is continuously being enriched with new products from RELPOL. One example of those new items is the RPC series of time relays. These devices designed for DIN-rail mounting have a counting range from 0.1 second to 10 days. Depending on the model, these time relays are single-function or multifunctional and can e.g. delay activation or shutdown, as well as operate in a cyclic mode with two independently set times or symmetrically. The contact material is designed to handle high inrush currents. Such solutions make RELPOL a trusted brand among consumers.




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