TME becomes HAHN’s distributor

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HAHN manufactures low- and medium-power transformers, whose high-quality is attested by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate. HAHN transformers are manufactured in 2 plants located in Hungen and Güsten, Germany.

HAHN’s offer includes:
  • 0.35 VA – 0.5 VA micro PCB transformers,
  • 0.5 VA - 60 VA low profile PCB transformers,
  • 4.5 VA - 200 VA low- and medium-power PCB transformers,
  • transformers for FlyBack converters,
  • AC/DC converters,
  • reactors for power factor correction systems
HAHN also manufactures transformers per special customer request.
We encourage you to find out more about HAHN’soffer.


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