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T3PSXXXXX and T3PSXXXXXXXP series linear power supplies by TELEDYNE LECROY

T3PSXXXXX and T3PSXXXXXXXP series linear power supplies by TELEDYNE LECROY
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TELEDYNE LECROY has expanded its portfolio of Teledyne Test Tools (T3) testing devices by adding to it new DC power supplies.

The T3PSXXXXX series devices are modern, cost-effective, linear DC power supplies. Their features include 192-217W output power, high resolution, low noise, high reliability and compact design. They are fitted with one to four independent, isolated output channels. The lock function protects the device by preventing unauthorized change of voltage and current parameters. Intelligent cooling control ensures quiet operation even under heavy loads. In addition to independent output channels, the T3PSXXXXX series provides serial and parallel operation modes (T3PS23203/T3PS33203/T3PS43203 only). Thanks to serial and parallel connections the power supplies achieve the output parameters of 32V/6A (parallel connection) and 64V/3A (serial connection).

The T3PSXXXXXXXP series of power supplies by TELEDYNE LECROY are 1-4 channel programmable linear power supplies with an output power of up to 217W. Additionally, Ch1 and Ch2 channels can operate in an electronic load mode. This means that in a 4-channel power supply unit, two channels can operate as a load, and two as a normal power supply unit. The monitoring functionality allows you to set the desired current and voltage parameters. If they are exceeded, an audible alarm can be triggered or the power supply output can be turned off. The T3PSXXXXXXXP series saves the output voltage/current in the internal memory and the result can be exported as (.REC) or (.CSV) files, which can then be transferred to a USB drive for further analysis.

Symbol Description
LC-T3PS13206 Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 1; 0÷32VDC; 0÷6A
LC-T3PS23203 Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 2; Uout: 0÷32VDC; Uout2: 0÷32VDC
LC-T3PS33203 Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; Uout: 0÷32VDC; Uout2: 0÷32VDC
LC-T3PS43203 Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 4; 0÷32VDC; 0÷3A; 0÷32VDC; 0÷3A
LC-T3PS13206P Power supply: laboratory, programmable; Channels: 1; 0÷32VDC; 1mV
LC-T3PS23203P Power supply: laboratory, programmable; Channels: 2; 0÷32VDC; 1mV
LC-T3PS33203P Power supply: laboratory, programmable; Channels: 3; 0÷32VDC; 1mV
LC-T3PS43203P Power supply: laboratory, programmable; Channels: 4; 0÷32VDC; 0÷5VDC


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