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Miniature drilling machines and accessory sets for micro electrotools

Miniature drilling machines and accessory sets for micro electrotools

TME has introduced the sets with miniature drilling machines and accessories as well as separate accessory sets for the EVERISE micro electrotools to its range of products.

We propose two kinds of drilling machines: with AC supply (gun version) and with battery supply (line version). The drilling machines have the function of smooth speed control thanks to which it is possible to adjust their speed to the type of job. The sets for micro electrotools contain among others: cutting disks, polishing wheels, sanding bands, grindstones, brushes, drills etc.

The miniature drilling machines together with the accessories sets are perfectly suitable for the following works: cutting, cleaning, milling, engraving, polishing, sculpturing, grinding and drilling.

Symbol Description
EVR-RG-SET165 Miniature drilling machines with a set of 164 accessories
EVR-SET70 70-pieces accessory sets for micro electrotools
EVR-SET180 180-pieces accessory sets for micro electrotools
EVR-SET244 244-pieces sets for micro electrotools


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