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RAPID modern hot air glue guns and staplers

RAPID modern hot air glue guns and staplers

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TME has introduced to its offer hot air glue guns, staplers and accessories of the SwedishRAPID company. These tools are characterized with modern design, aesthetic value of workmanship and high reliability.

TME’s assortment includes:

  • hot air guns with airflow temperature electronic control and manual control with different power rates, individually or in kits with accessories.
  • glue guns designed for DYI enthusiasts as well as for industrial customers, with mains power supply or Li-on battery supply. .
  • Li-on battery staplers and manual.

Symbol Description
RAP-DIGIT2000 Electric hot air gun, Power 2kW, electronic control
RAP-THERMAL1600 Electric hot air gun, Power 1,6 kW, manual control
RAP-ACCELER-KIT Electric hot air gun, Power 2kW, accessories included
RAP-REGULATOR-KIT Electric hot air gun, Power 2kW, accessories included
RAP-BGX300 Glue gun, Power 40W, Li-on battery, glue: Ø 11mm
RAP-POINT Glue gun, Power 10W, glue: Ø 6 mm
RAP-HOBBYGUN Glue gun, Power 12W, glue: Ø 11 mm
RAP-EG212 Glue gun, Power 20W, glue: Ø 11 mm
RAP-EG250 Glue gun, Power 25W, glue: Ø 11 mm
RAP-EG310 Glue gun, Power 40W, glue: Ø 11 mm
RAP-EG380 Glue gun, Power 400W, glue: Ø 11 mm
RAP-BTX530 Battery stapler Li-on 7,2V
RAP-R36E Manual stapler


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