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New Solder peak Hot Air Soldering Stations

New Solder peak Hot Air Soldering Stations

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TME has supplemented its offer of hot air soldering stations with a new SOLDER PEAK product. It is an up-to-date SP-HA800D digital soldering station. It has 800W power, which in conjunction with maximum temperature of 500°C enables operation with large assemblies and PCBs, while maintaining very good temperature stability. Ergonomic handle has been equipped with buttons that enable operation parameters change. Two LED displays serve for temperature display and for hot air flow range display as well as for other menu functions display. The station has three operating programs. It is equipped with a sleep mode, thanks to which automatic heater cooling is carried on after putting the soldering tool off onto a stand. There is also a possibility of temperature calibration.
SP-HA800D is an excellent tool for service shops and for prototype and job-lot production.


Station supply voltage : 230 V AC
Power : 800W
Temperature regulation : digital, by handwheel, by buttons
Hot air temperature range : 150...500°C
Hot air flow range : 3...23 l/min
Hot air handle length : 210 mm
Hose station-handle length : 1 m
Dimensions : 244 x 185 x 135 mm
Weight : 4,4 kg
Accessories : nozzle SR-A1125/SP, nozzle SR-A1126/SP, nozzle SR-A1130/SP, nozzle SR-A1170/SP

Symbol Description
SP-HA800D Hot air soldering station 800W
SR-A1124/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D 2,5mm
SR-A1125/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 10x10mm
SR-A1126/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 14x14mm
SR-A1127/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 17,5x17,5mm
SR-A1128/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 14x20mm
SR-A1129/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 28x28mm
SR-A1130/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D 4,4mm
SR-A1131/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D SOP 4,4x10mm
SR-A1132/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D SOP 5,6x13mm
SR-A1135/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D PLCC 17,5x17,5mm
SR-A1136/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D PLCC 20x20mm
SR-A1137/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D PLCC 25x25mm
SR-A1138/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D PLCC 30x30mm
SR-A1142/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D angle 1,5x3mm
SR-A1263/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 28x40mm
SR-A1264/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 40x40mm
SR-A1265/SP Station nozzle SP-HA800D QFP 32x32mm


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