Mean Well NDR-75 series Industrial DIN rail power supply

Mean Well NDR-75 series Industrial DIN rail power supply

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TME offer has been extended to include the new family of industrial power supplies of series NDR-75 by MEAN WELL, designed for mounting on a DIN rail. The power supplies are characterized by an output power of 75W, available in three voltage versions. 12V, 24V and 48V. In addition, the NDR-75 series power supplies come in a compact dimension, with a width of just 32mm. It allows to save considerable space on the mounting rail. NDR-75 power supplies are designed for mounting both TS-35-15 and TS-35-7.5 types on a DIN rail.
NDR-75 power supplies exhibit high efficiency of 89%, thus offering the possibility of working in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -20°C to 70°C.

Protection overload, overheating, voltage increase, short-circuit
Supply voltage 90...264V AC; 127...370V DC
Dimensions 32x124.2x102 (width x height x length)
Symbol Description
NDR-75-12 Power supply: switched-mode; 75.6W; 12VDC; 12VDC; 6.3A; 90÷264VAC; 510g
NDR-75-24 Power supply: switched-mode; 76.8W; 24VDC; 24VDC; 3.2A; 90÷264VAC; 510g
NDR-75-48 Power supply: switched-mode; 76.8W; 48VDC; 48VDC; 1.6A; 90÷264VAC; 510g


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