Micro PCB transformers from Hahn

Micro PCB transformers from Hahn

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TME’s offer now includes the BV20 micro PCB transformers from HAHN. Because of their compact dimensions, these transformers are designed for low-power applications, where limited space is a key aspect. There are two versions of the transformers available: 0.35 VA (BV201 series) and 0.5 VA (BV202 series). Additionally, each version includes devices with different output voltage, ranging from 4 V to 24 V and from 2x3 V to 2x12 V.

Symbol Power Primary voltage Secondary voltage Dimensions (width by length by height)
[VA] [V] [V] [mm]
BV2010128 0.35 230 1x6 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010135 0.35 230 1x24 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010136 0.35 230 1x9 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010142 0.35 230 2x6 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010144 0.35 230 2x9 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010145 0.35 230 1x12 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010146 0.35 230 2x12 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010147 0.35 230 1x15 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010148 0.35 230 2x15 22.6x21.7x15
BV2010149 0.35 230 1x18 22.6x21.7x15
BV2020154 0.50 230 1x6 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020155 0.50 230 2x6 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020157 0.50 230 1x9 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020158 0.50 230 2x9 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020159 0.50 230 1x12 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020160 0.50 230 2x12 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020161 0.50 230 1x15 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020162 0.50 230 1x18 22.6x21.7x19
BV2020164 0.50 230 1x24 22.6x21.7x19


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