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SUNNY pulse power supply units

SUNNY pulse power supply units

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TME has a wide offer of SUNNY pulse power supplies.
The offered power supplies are available in mains adapter’s and desktop’s versions, they are available in the following voltage versions: 5V; 6V; 7,5V; 9V; 12V; 15V; 18V and 24V.

Symbol Description
ZAS-MINIUSB-1.2 Power supply: pulse;5VDC;1,2A;Output plug:mini USB;6W
ZSI5/1.2A-MICROUSB Power supply: pulse;5VDC;1,2A;Output plug:micro USB;6W
ZSI5/1.2-USB Power supply: pulse;5VDC;1,2A;Output plug:USB;Plug:EU
ZSI5/1.2A Power supply: pulse;5VDC;1,2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;6W
ZSI5/2A Power supply: pulse;5VDC;2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;10W
ZSI5/3A Power supply: pulse;5VDC;3A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;15W
ZSI6/1A Power supply: pulse;6VDC;1A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;6W
ZSI7.5/1A Power supply: pulse;7,5VDC;1A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;7,5W
ZSI7.5/2.4A Power supply: pulse;7,5VDC;2,4A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;18W
ZSI9/1A Power supply: pulse;9VDC;1A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;9W
ZSI9/2A Power supply: pulse;9VDC;2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;18W
ZSI12/0.5A Power supply: pulse;12VDC;500mA;Output plug:5,5/2,1;6W
ZSI12/1A Power supply: pulse;12VDC;1A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;12W
ZSI12/2A Power supply: pulse;12VDC;2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSI15/1.6A Power supply: pulse;15VDC;1,6A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSI18/1.33A Power supply: pulse;18VDC;1,33A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSI24/1A Power supply: pulse;24VDC;1A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSI24/0.5A Power supply: pulse;24VDC;500mA;Output plug:5,5/2,1;12W
ZSI5/3A-PLUG Power supply: pulse;5VDC;3A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;15W
ZSI9/2A-PLUG Power supply: pulse;9VDC;2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;18W
ZSI12/2A-PLUG Power supply: pulse;12VDC;2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSI15/1.6A-PLUG Power supply: pulse;15VDC;1,6A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSI24/1A-PLUG Power supply: pulse;24VDC;1A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;24W
ZSIDT18/1.66A Power supply: pulse;18VDC;1,66A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;30W
ZSIDT15/2A Power supply: pulse;15VDC;2A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;30W
ZSIDT24/1.25 Power supply: pulse;24VDC;1,25A;Output plug:5,5/2,1;30W


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