DBK’s Nimbus and Cirrus in TME’s offer

DBK’s Nimbus and Cirrus in TME’s offer

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TME is proud to inform that we have supplemented our offer of heating elements withDBK products.

The Nimbus series includes radiator heaters equipped with PTC protection characterized with conventional heating of circuits.
They are devoid of any movable elements and radiator’s design manner facilitates heat spreading.

The Cirrus series includes blower heaters which are additionally equipped with a fan whose task is to distribute necessary heat within the whole heated circuit.

Symbol Description
NIMBUS-D65-30W Radiator heater; NIMBUS D65; 30W; IP20; DIN EN50022 35mm
NIMBUS-D65-50W Radiator heater; NIMBUS D65; 50W; IP20; DIN EN50022 35mm
NIMBUS-D125-75W Radiator heater; NIMBUS D125; 75W; IP20; DIN EN50022 35mm
NIMBUS-D175-100W Radiator heater; NIMBUS D175; 100W; IP20; DIN EN50022 35mm
FGC0017.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 25/1; 10W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 24V
FGC0504.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 25/2; 20W; 12VDC; IP20; 27x27x50mm; 230V
FGC0523.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 25/2; 30W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 24V
FGC0526.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 25/2; 30W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 230V
FGC0524.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 25/2; 40W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 24V
FGC1026.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/1; 60W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 24V
FGC1030.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/1; 80W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 230V
FGC1031.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/1; 100W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 230V
FGC1502.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/2; 200W; 12VDC; IP20; 42x42x107mm
FGC1511.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/2; 230W; 12VAC; 12VDC; IP20; 230V
FGC1515.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/2; 230W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 230V
FGC1513.2 Blower heater; CIRRUS 40/2; 150W; 24VAC; 24VDC; IP20; 230V
FGC3000 Blower heater; CIRRUS 60; 200÷400W; 230VAC; IP20; 71x71x107mm
FGC2002.1 Blower heater; CIRRUS 80; 300÷600W; 230VAC; IP20; 82x82x110mm
FGC2003.1 Blower heater; CIRRUS 80; 450÷800W; 230VAC; IP20; 82x82x110mm


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