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New PF-series 4-lead DC fans from SUNON in TME’s offer

New PF-series 4-lead DC fans from SUNON in TME’s offer

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TME’s offer has been enriched by DC fans with PWM regulation system (4-lead). The PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) is a popular system that enables speed regulation of the motor with no losses in power or torque throughout the entire regulation range. The new PF fans are highly efficient devices equipped with two additional wires: a signal wire and a PWM control wire.

They come in the sizes of 38x38 mm up to 140x140 mm, with power supply of 12VDC or 48VDC.

Symbol Description
PF38281B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 38x38x28mm; 30.75m3/h; 51.8dBA
PF40281B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 40x40x28mm; 42.3m3/h; 56dBA; ball bearing
PF40561B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 40x40x56mm; 45.7m3/h; 62.3dBA; 28AWG
PF60381B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 60x60x38mm; 102.96m3/h; 61.2dBA
PF80251B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 80x80x25mm; 101.94m3/h; 47.5dBA
PF80321B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 80x80x32mm; 100.92m3/h; 45.2dBA
PF80381B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 80x80x38mm; 193.5m3/h; 64.8dBA
PF92251B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 92x92x25mm; 127.42m3/h; 47dBA; 24AWG
PF92381B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 92x92x38mm; 234.63m3/h; 63.7dBA
PF97331B1-S99 Fan: DC; blower; 12VDC; 97x95x33mm; 71.7m3/h; 58dBA; ball bearing
PFE0381B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 12VDC; 140x140x38mm; 405.2m3/h; 62dBA
PFE0514B1-S99 Fan: DC; axial; 48VDC; 140x140x51mm; 425.25m3/h; 61.4dBA


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