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USB connectors, sealed to IP67

USB connectors, sealed to IP67

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The TME offer has been extended with professional, sealed to IP67 USB connectors from AMPHENOL.
The new connectors find application in the fields where designed devices are meant to work in extreme conditions i.e.: high moisture, dusty or high temperature environments.
At present the TME offer includes components:

Symbol Description
MUSB-A111-35 Panel mount USB-A socket with cover, tight, PCB
MUSB-B151-01 Panel mount miniUSB-B socket with cover, tight, PCB
MUSB-D111-30 Panel mount USB-B socket, tight, PCB, UNC4-40
MUSB-D111-M1 Panel mount USB-B socket with cover, PCB, M3
MUSB2D11004BP Cover cap for USB-B sockets


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