LED fastening connectors

LED fastening connectors

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MOLEX LED fastening connectors are a novelty in TME’s offer. They are designed for CITIZEN power LED’s. These products ensure stable LED connection with radiator, they simplify installation process by eliminating manual soldering , and also minimize the risk of electric arc between a LED and power source. Thanks to this these connectors are reliable and user friendly.

Molex provides solutions for CITIZEN LED’s, to the following series:
CLL010, CLL020, CLL030, CLL040, CLL050 in one or two piece version.

Symbol Description
180412-0001 LED connectors; CLL010; one piece; 32, 45x25x3, 87mm
180414-0001 LED connectors; CLL020, CLL030; two piece; 24, 9x20, 31x3, 87mm
180414-0102 LED connectors; CLL020; one piece; 34, 85x26x4, 05mm
180414-0103 LED connectors; CLL030; one piece; 40, 5x26x4, 05mm
180416-0001 LED connectors; CLL040, CLL050; two piece; 21, 78x19x3, 87mm
180416-0104 LED connectors; CLL040; one piece; 46, 25x33, 78x4, 05m


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