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Three-phase capacitors series 415 by Ducati

Three-phase capacitors series 415 by Ducati

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Three-phase capacitors series 415 with internal delta connection are yet another novelty in the TME’s range of product. They are suited for improving the power factor of electric motors and can operate in local systems for improving the power factor. A case made of insulation material eliminates the need of grounding the capacitors. Holders on the capacitor’s body ensure easy mounting of the component to a base. The design of the capacitors enables building compact sets, while electrical connections can be achieved by dedicated connecting bridges. Their operating voltage is 415V AC.

Symbol Capacity [µF] Reactive power [kVAr]
415.04.7015 3x62uF 10
415.04.7018 3x77uF 12,5
415.69.9910 bridge for parallel connecting of capacitors 415.04.70


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