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GTO capacitors SRPassives

GTO capacitors SRPassives

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A new position in the TME range of products are GTO (Gate Turn-Off) capacitors. They are designed for high power electronic devices as limiting capacitors for switching thyristors.
Characteristics of GTO capacitors:

  • low losses
  • high surge voltage
  • high current-carrying capacity
  • low inductivity
  • self regeneration

These capacitors are equipped in M6x8 screw terminals.
Capacitance tolerance 10%.

Symbol Rated voltage Rated voltage Dimesions
[V DC] [V AC] [mm]
GTO-0.47U/1200 1200 650 ø45x50mm
GTO-0.47U/1600 1600 750 ø30x110mm
GTO-2U/1600 1600 750 ø70x55mm
GTO-5U/950 950 600 ø50x55mm


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