Polypropylene audio capacitors

Polypropylene audio capacitors

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JFX series polypropylene capacitors for audio applications are an interesting novelty in TME’s offer. Capacitors have axial outputs, thanks to which, mounted element does not have an essential influence on equipment’s height. High quality of capacitors helps achieve clear sound in audio systems.

Other features of capacitors include:
- Very Low Dielectric absorption factor
-Very Low Dissipation factor
-Very Low ESR
-Very Low Inductance
-Excellent handling of high current audio pulses

U work 250 VDC
Tolerance ±5%
Working temperature -55...85°C
Symbol Cap. Enclosure dimensions
[µF] [mm]
JFX-1U/250 1 Ø10,5 x 21
JFX-2.2U/250 2,2 Ø14 x 26
JFX-3.3U/250 3,3 Ø16,5 x 26
JFX-4.7U/250 4,7 Ø18,5 x 26
JFX-6.8U/250 6,8 Ø19,5 x 31
JFX-8.2U/250 8,2 Ø21,5 x 31
JFX-10U/250 10 Ø25 x 31


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