Unthreaded axial potentiometers from SR Passives

Unthreaded axial potentiometers from SR Passives

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New items have been added to TME’s offer — they are single turn shaft potentiometers from SR PASSIVES.
Their characteristic feature is the lack of the threaded sleeve, which eliminates the need for using a fitting nut on the enclosure panel of a device. Stable fixing of a potentiometer to a PCB board is ensured by a mounting bracket integrated with the body.

A standard, knurled 6 mm shaft allows for an easy selection of a knob from TME’s offer.
An additional advantage of the potentiometers is their split shaft, which enables control with the use of a flat-blade screwdriver instead of a knob. Due to the fact that it is made of plastics, the shaft guarantees galvanic isolation.

Symbol Resistance Control
R9011-1-1K 1 Vertical
R9011-1-5K 5 Vertical
R9011-1-10K 10 Vertical
R9011-1-20K 20 Vertical
R9011-1-50K 50 Vertical
R9011-1-100K 100 Vertical
R9011-1-200K 200 Vertical
R9011-1-500K 500 Vertical
R9011-2-1K 1 Horizontal
R9011-2-5K 5 Horizontal
R9011-2-10K 10 Horizontal
R9011-2-20K 20 Horizontal
R9011-2-50K 50 Horizontal
R9011-2-100K 100 Horizontal
R9011-2-200K 200 Horizontal
R9011-2-500K 500 Horizontal


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