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Kemet three-phase PFC capacitors

Kemet three-phase PFC capacitors

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Our offer of PFC capacitors has been enriched to include KEMET three-phase capacitors.

Their key advantages are as follows:

  • operating temperature range: -25°...+55°C,
  • very long time of operation.

Thanks to the fact that KEMET three-phase capacitors operate for as long as 100,000 hours as a standard, installation maintenance costs are reduced.

Symbol Power Voltage
[kVAR] [V AC]
C9TS5MD5311AARX 5 415
C9TS5MD5460AARX 7.5 415
C9TS5MD5615AARX 10 415
C9TS5MD5770AARX 12.5 415
C9TS5MD5920AARX 15 415
C9TS5MD6108AARX 17.5 415
C9TS5MD6123AARX 20 415
C9TS5MD6154AARX 25 415
C9TS6MD5274AARX 5 440
C9TS6MD5411AARX 7.5 440
C9TS6MD5548AARX 10 440
C9TS6MD5685AARX 12.5 440
C9TS6MD5830AARX 15 440
C9TS6MD5960AARX 17.5 440
C9TS6MD6110AARX 20 440
C9TS6MD6137AARX 25 440


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