Pastel THT and SMD diodes of the company Optosupply

Pastel THT and SMD diodes of the company Optosupply

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TME has expanded its offer of THT (3 & 5mm) and SMD (3528 & 5050) diodes of the company - OPTOSUPPLY. The diodes are distinguished by a wide palette of colour shades such as; green, red or blue (see table below), transparent lens and illumination angles of 15 and 30 degrees for THT diodes and 120 degrees for diodes intended for surface mounting.


Symbol Description
OSC24L3131A LED; 3mm; blue (sky); 30°; 4-4.5lm
OSC24L5111A LED; 5mm; blue (sky); 4-4.5lm; 15°
OSC24LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; blue (sky); 4-4.5lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSC24TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; blue (sky); 12-13.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSC34L3131A LED; 3mm; blue (cyan); 30°; 6-6.7lm
OSC34L5111A LED; 5mm; blue (cyan); 6-6.7lm; 15°
OSC34LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; blue (cyan); 6-6.7lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSC34TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; blue (cyan); 18-20lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSC44L3131A LED; 3mm; green (aqua); 30°; 8-8.6lm
OSC44L5111A LED; 5mm; green (aqua); 8-8.6lm; 15°
OSC44LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; green (aqua); 8-8.6lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSC44TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; green (aqua); 24-26lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSC54L3131A LED; 3mm; green (mint); 30°; 8.5-9.2lm
OSC54L5111A LED; 5mm; green (mint); 8.5-9.2lm; 15°
OSC54LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; green (mint); 8.5-9.2lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSC54TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; green (mint); 25-27.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSC64L3131A LED; 3mm; green (lime); 30°; 8.5-9.2lm
OSC64L5111A LED; 5mm; green (lime); 8.5-9.2lm; 15°
OSC64LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; green (lime); 8.5-9.2lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSC64TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; green (lime); 25-27.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSC74L3131A LED; 3mm; green (leaf); 30°; 8.6-9.3lm
OSC74L5111A LED; 5mm; green (leaf); 8.6-9.3lm; 15°
OSC74LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; green (leaf); 8.6-9.3lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSC74TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; green (leaf); 25.5-28lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSC84L3131A LED; 3mm; pink (baby pink); 30°; 3.5-4.1lm
OSC84L5111A LED; 5mm; pink (baby pink); 3.5-4.1lm; 15°
OSC84LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; pink (baby pink); 3.5-4.1lm; 120°
OSC84TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; pink (baby pink); 10-12lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCA4L3131A LED; 3mm; pink (magenta); 30°; 3.3-3.8lm
OSCA4L5111A LED; 5mm; pink (magenta); 3.3-3.8lm; 15°
OSCA4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; pink (magenta); 3.3-3.8lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCA4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; pink (magenta); 9.5-11.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCB4L3131A LED; 3mm; red (rose); 30°; 1.8-2.2lm
OSCB4L5111A LED; 5mm; red (rose); 1.8-2.2lm; 15°
OSCB4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; red (rose); 1.8-2.2lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCB4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; red (rose); 5.5-6.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCC4L3131A LED; 3mm; red (tomato); 30°; 1.5-1.8lm
OSCC4L5111A LED; 5mm; red (tomato); 1.5-1.8lm; 15°
OSCC4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; red (tomato); 1.5-1.8lm; 120°
OSCC4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; red (tomato); 4.5-5.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCD4L3131A LED; 3mm; purple (lavender); 30°; 5-5.4lm
OSCD4L5111A LED; 5mm; purple (lavender); 5-5.4lm; 15°
OSCD4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; purple (lavender); 5-5.4lm; 120°
OSCD4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; purple (lavender); 15-16.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCE4L3131A LED; 3mm; pink (peach); 30°; 4.5-4.9lm
OSCE4L5111A LED; 5mm; pink (peach); 4.5-4.9lm; 15°
OSCE4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; pink (peach); 4.5-4.9lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCE4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; pink (peach); 13.5-15lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCF4L3131A LED; 3mm; pink (cherry); 30°; 4.2-4.7lm
OSCF4L5111A LED; 5mm; pink (cherry); 4.2-4.7lm; 15°
OSCF4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; pink (cherry); 4.2-4.7lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCF4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; pink (cherry); 12.5-14lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCG4L3131A LED; 3mm; orange (orange peach); 30°; 4-4.4lm
OSCG4L5111A LED; 5mm; orange (orange peach); 4-4.4lm; 15°
OSCG4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; orange (orange peach); 4-4.4lm; 120°
OSCG4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; orange (orange peach); 12-13.5lm
OSCH4L3131A LED; 3mm; white (cream); 30°; 5.5-6.1lm
OSCH4L5111A LED; 5mm; white (cream); 5.5-6.1lm; 15°
OSCH4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; white (cream); 5.5-6.1lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCH4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; white (cream); 16.5-18.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCJ4L3131A LED; 3mm; white (sand); 30°; 4.9-5.3lm
OSCJ4L5111A LED; 5mm; white (sand); 4.9-5.3lm; 15°
OSCJ4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; white (sand); 4.9-5.3lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCJ4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; white (sand); 14.5-16lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCK4L3131A LED; 3mm; white (sunshine); 30°; 7-7.5lm
OSCK4L5111A LED; 5mm; white (sunshine); 7-7.5lm; 15°
OSCK4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; white (sunshine); 7-7.5lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCK4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; white (sunshine); 20-22.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCL4L3131A LED; 3mm; yellow (lemon); 30°; 8-8.5lm
OSCL4L5111A LED; 5mm; yellow (lemon); 8-8.5lm; 15°
OSCL4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; yellow (lemon); 8-8.5lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCL4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; yellow (lemon); 23-25.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSCM4L3131A LED; 3mm; yellow (yolk); 30°; 7.7-8.2lm
OSCM4L5111A LED; 5mm; yellow (yolk); 7.7-8.2lm; 15°
OSCM4LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; yellow (yolk); 7.7-8.2lm; 120°; 3.5x2.8mm
OSCM4TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; yellow (yolk); 22-24.5lm; 120°; 5x5mm
OSK64L3131A LED; 3mm; purple (sakura); 3000-4200mcd; 30°
OSK64L5111A LED; 5mm; purple (sakura); 3000-4200mcd; 15°
OSK64LS1C1A LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC2; purple (sakura); 750-1000mcd; 120°
OSK64TS4C1A LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC6; purple (sakura); 2500-2800mcd; 120°


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