Ultrafast and economic BeeProg2C programmers

Ultrafast and economic BeeProg2C programmers

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BeeProg2C programmers offered by a renowned ELNEC company are economic version of unusually advanced BeeProg2 programmers. The company resigned from using the circuits which have not been manufactured for a long time:

  • bipolar (PROM and PLD) technology circuits,
  • EPROM circuits with the programming voltage of 21V and higher,
  • EPROM 2780 family circuits,
  • MCS48 series microcontrollers,
  • the 8751/8752 family microcontrollers with the programming voltage of 21V or higher,
  • LPT port is deactivated.

BeeProg2C programmers are fully compatible with more expensive counterpart and at any time users can purchase extension kit for the full version of BeeProg2.

The other functions of the BeeProg2C programmer (compliant with the BeeProg2 programmer):

  • extreme fast programming (64Mbit NOR FLASH within 9seconds),
  • 48-pin sockets for DIL case circuits (circuits in different cases can be programmed by means of special adapters which are ordered separately),
  • ISP,
  • control by means of USB and access to free-of-charge software update and list of new circuits that can be programmed by means of this appliance.

Additionally, programmers are equipped with the self-test function, possibility of testing TTL and CMOS logic circuits, memory testing and also generating test logic sequences. BeeProg2C programmers are capable of testing over 77k different circuits from over 302 manufacturers – the current list is available at the manufacturer’s Website.

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