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NUCLEO STM32 start-up kit by ST Microelectronics

NUCLEO STM32 start-up kit by ST Microelectronics

TME’s offer has been extended to include NUCLEO STM32 development kit by ST MICROELECTRONICS. The NUCLEO development kit pin grid is compatible with ARDUINO and ST Morpho standard pins, which allows you to expand the functionality of the base boards using many available expansion cards, so-called. “shields".
An integral part of the NUCLEO development kits is a built-in programmer/debugger compliant with ST-LINK, allowing you to commence work immediately with a microcontroller without the need to purchase additional tools.

NUCLEO kits work with many programming environments, including:

  • Keil MDK,
  • mbed,
  • an environment with GCC compilers (Atollic True Studio).

Please familiarize yourself with the list of development kits
NUCLEO in the TME offer.

Symbol Description
NUCLEO-F030R8 Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F030R8T6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F070RB Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F070RBT6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F072RB Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F072RBT6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F091RC Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F091RCT6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F103RB Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F103RBT6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F302R8 Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F302R8T6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F303RE Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F303RET6; USB; Development kit: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F334R8 Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F334R8T6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F401RE Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F401RET6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-F411RE Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F411RET6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-L053R8 Development kit: ARM ST; STM32L053R8T6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
NUCLEO-L152RE Development kit: ARM ST; STM32L152RET6; USB; Series: ARDUINO
X-NUCLEO-IHM01A1 Expansion board; screw clamp, dowel socket; 8÷45 VDC
X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Expansion board; Micro-controllers; STM32; I2C


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