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Littelfuse – latest high power semiconductor solutions

Littelfuse – latest high power semiconductor solutions

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TME’s offer has been enriched by new, advanced high-power semiconductor solutions from LITTELFUSE. Apart from rectifying diodes, thyristors, and rectifier modules, our offer now also includes solutions based on the latest SiC (silicon carbide) technology, as well as IGBT modules.

The IGBT modules offered by this manufacturer are characterised by:

  • High resistance to breakdowns (insulation voltage of 3kV),
  • Ultralow losses,
  • High durability,
  • Low forward voltage,
  • Operational current of up to 400A (Tc=80°C),
  • Operational temperature from -40°C to +150°C.

LFUSCD series Schottky diodes, manufactured with the use of the SiC technology, are the very first solutions of this type offered by LITTELFUSE. The components are characterised by:

  • Short response time,
  • Significantly lower losses during switching (when compared to silicone diodes),
  • Maximum junction operating temperature of up to +175°C,
  • High resistance to breakdowns,
  • Forward current of up to 20A.

SiC components are recommended for applications where high effectiveness is crucial, or where problems with heat dissipation are difficult to solve.

Symbol Description
MG12150D-BA1MM Module: IGBT; 150A; 1.1kW; D package; 1.2kV; Ifsm: 300A; screwed
MG12200D-BA1MM Module: IGBT; 210A; 1.4kW; D package ; 1.2kV; Ifsm: 420A; screwed
MG12300D-BA1MM Module: IGBT; 310A; 1.8kW; D package ; 1.2kV; Ifsm: 620A; screwed
MG12400D-BN2MM Module: IGBT; 400A; 1925W; D package; 1.2kV; Ifsm: 800A; screwed
LFUSCD04065A-LF Diode: Schottky rectifying; 650V; 4A; SiC; TO220-2; series: LFUSCD
LFUSCD05120A-LF Diode: Schottky rectifying; 1.2kV; 5A; SiC; TO220-2; series: LFUSCD
LFUSCD06065A-LF Diode: Schottky rectifying; 650V; 6A; SiC; TO220-2; series: LFUSCD
LFUSCD08065A-LF Diode: Schottky rectifying; 650V; 8A; SiC; TO220-2; series: LFUSCD
LFUSCD10065A-LF Diode: Schottky rectifying; 650V; 10A; SiC; TO220-2; series: LFUSCD
LFUSCD10120A-LF Diode: Schottky rectifying; 1.2kV; 10A; SiC; TO220-2; series: LFUSCD


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