Industrial automation is the present and future of all manufacturing companies that want to be competitive in their industry. With the increase in sales, the development of the assortment and infrastructure or operations with new markets, there is a need to produce even more goods in even shorter time, while reducing costs.

Omron offer in TME meets these needs and provides comprehensive solutions for industrial automation. They make the production process innovative and safe and optimize it, among others by allowing communication with machines and controlling them.

Particularly noteworthy in our offer is the wide range of Omron sensors, relays and switches, including the series of products described below.

Inductive sensors series E2A, one of the most reliable in the industry, are characterized by:

  • extended detection range
  • high level of mechanical resistance – both in the sensors themselves and their cables
  • resistance to electromagnetic interference and vibrations
  • universal use in many applications

Photoelectric sensors E3Z with a compact housing made of mechanically resistant material:

  • are equipped with a high power LED
  • they are resistant to electromagnetic interference
  • very good value for money
  • used in standard industrial applications

Safety relays G9SE:

  • they have screwless terminals from the front, so it’s easy to connect them
  • they have narrow housing – 17.5mm or 22.5mm
  • the response time is 15ms

Interface electromagnetic relays from the G2RV-SR series:

  • they have new, lower stands
  • they are available with Push-in Plus screwless connectors
  • they are equipped with double, reinforced latches for DIN rail and double markings on the terminals

Micro switches SNAP ACTION with IP67 series D2VW, D2SW and D2HW


  • they have a stable seal that protects against ingress of water or excessive dust due to the use of epoxy resin
  • internal mechanism ensures high precision and durability
  • ideal for cars, agricultural machinery, large-scale household and industrial appliances and equipment that requires a high level of environmental protection


  • they have a stable seal that protects against ingress of water or excessive dust due to the use of epoxy resin
  • ideal for cars, vending machines, machines, refrigerators, ice-making equipment, bathing equipment, hot water and air supply systems as well as industrial equipment that require high resistance to environmental conditions


  • the size of the mechanical modules is smaller compared to conventional models
  • very long stroke even for products without leverage
  • they are made of environmentally friendly materials
  • all models are lead-free

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