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Industry is a large area for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Production machines are often one of the largest capital investments in enterprises and adapting them to the needs of IoT is an important strategic decision.

Brainboxes products, including Ethernet I/O modules, industrial Ethernet switches and serial port adapters, are used for communication, configuration, control and monitoring of devices involved in automated processes.

Brainboxes solutions provide the ability to monitor and control from any network system or device in the world, for instance a workstation, computer or smartphone. A free library of development tools is available for all Brainboxes modules to facilitate the installation and configuration of solutions.

What are the benefits of using Brainboxes products?

Easy installation and configuration

Brainboxes products do not require major changes to the machine park. They are easy to install and configure, and Brainboxes also offers free programming tools and detailed industrial specifications, thanks to which the entire process runs quickly and efficiently.

Machines condition monitoring

Signals transformed to information give specific knowledge about the state of the machines. Thanks to this, it is possible to eliminate downtimes and increase productivity.

Collecting and storing information

Storing collected information in a database, which can be located on the server, in the cloud or in a given device, allows to create statistics and optimize the production process.

Lifetime warranty

Brainboxes products are covered by a lifetime warranty. The company also offers direct support in the installation and configuration of the offered solutions.

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