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TME becomes a distributor of the Spanish Broquetas S.L.

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TME’s offer has been enriched with products of the Spanish BROQUETAS S.L. specializing in manufacturing of solder manufactured based on tin and non-ferrous soft alloys.

Available product line includes:
- lead binder with the composition of Sn60Pb40 and 2,5% flux contents
- lead-free binder with the composition of Sn99Ag0,3Cu0,7 and 2,5% flux contents

Those solders are offered in the form of a soldering wire with the diameter from 0,35mm or as a barstock. Apart from the above, BROQUETAS S.L. also offers a wide range of binders with low melting temperature which are produced based on lead, silver and copper.

A long-term experience in the industry, own laboratory and rigorous quality inspection covering the complete production cycle BROQUETAS S.L. offer products with best properties ensuring their composition and parameters. Each products batch is marked and delivered with composition analysis which confirms the compliance with the binding EN-ISO9453 standard and RoHs Directive

BROQUETAS S.L. products are widely used in electronics for manual soldering, soldering of PCB elements, in the surface mounting technology (SMT) and industry during mounting electrical elements, radiators manufacture, heat exchangers, batteries manufacture and joining cables, tubes and water and gas systems copper fittings..

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