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TME has extended its offer to include a new group of products - welding equipment and accessories from STAMOS - A German manufacturer specializing in the production of welding devices and plasma cutters based on inverter technology.

STAMOS welding devices are designed from the highest-quality electronic components of renowned manufacturers. Use of the latest technological solutions such as MOSFET and IGBT ensure high efficiency and power at a small dimension and low weight of the devices. STAMOS inverter welders come with additional features to facilitate welding, among others:- HOT START - easy initiation of an electric arc,

  • ARC FORCE - stabilization of the electric arc,
  • ANTI STICK - prevents interruption of the electrode to the welded material,
  • PULS - option of welding with a pulsating current,
  • TIG HF - touch-less ignition of the electric arc using a high-frequency
  • TIG AC - welding of aluminium and non-ferrous metals (brass and bronze).

In addition to the basic model of the welders that use analogue control, also available are digital welders controlled using a microprocessor. Such solutions provide a preview and setting of several parameters of the welder, significant for obtaining a high-quality adhesion when working with very demanding materials.

The collection of welding devices available in TME include:- TIG inverter welders,

  • MIG/MAG inverter welders,
  • MMA inverter welders.

All welding devices are equipped with the necessary accessories such as cables, welding handles, nozzles and others, necessary for immediate commencement of work. In addition, the connecting cables handle-welder in the STAMOS table devices are 4m long, which allows you to work without having to move the welding machine.

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