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TME becomes a distributor of Parrot Invent company

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TME has become a distributor of PARROT INVENT – an innovative company from Europe, specializing in manufacturing measurement accessories like specialist hooks, probes, test leads and plugs for various measurement devices (e.g. multimeters, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, ohmmeters, spectrum analyzers, etc.)
The company pays special attention to the highest quality of their products in order to satisfy the requirements towards modern measurement apparatus.
Test leads from ParrotTM have been awarded a gold medal during Global Innovation Exhibition in Brussels as a form of acknowledging the patented construction and high quality, demonstrated in e.g. low resistance of metal clips and plugs, as well as maintaining good parameters even in high temperatures.

Key features of Parrot accessories:- wide scope of measurement point sizes (0,5mm–4mm)

  • low contact resistance (3mΩ–5mΩ)
  • low connection resistance (3mΩ–5mΩ)
  • high level of insulation (300V–1000V) IEC1010 CAT III
  • high operating currents (5A–25A)
  • reliable mechanical connections (a metal clip and a hook)
  • reliable connections in high temperatures (90–160°C)

TME’s offer includes:
- test leads,
- test hooks.


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