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FLEXPOINT® industrial laser modules from LASER COMPONENTS

FLEXPOINT® industrial laser modules from LASER COMPONENTS

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Precise laser modules LASER COMPONENTS from the ILM12F series, equipped with collimators with optical heads in the shape of a dot, a line, or a cross. Due to their high quality optics, they display clear images from the distance of 0.1 to 10m. The modules come in a standard industrial housing made of stainless steel, with M12 external thread, which makes them easy to install.

The modules are widely applied in positioning (e.g. for cutting) or visual processes in textile, timber, metal, and other industries. They can also be used in alarm systems, indicators, safety barriers, and other applications.

Laser used in these modules does not require the use of laser safety eyewear.

Focus range 0.1-10m
Operating temperature from -10°C to +50°C
Body dimensions 68mm x M12
Degree of protection IP54
Electrical connection M12 4-pin connector
Symbol Collimator Colour Power Operating voltage
ILM12F-C-520-7-289 cross green (520nm) 7mW 10...30 V DC
ILM12F-C-635-7-247 cross red (635nm) 7mW 4.5... 30 V DC
ILM12F-D-520-1-C-F dot green (520nm) 1mW 10...30 V DC
ILM12F-D-635-1-C-F dot red (635nm) 1mW 4.5... 30 V DC
ILM12F-L-520-7-58 line green (520nm) 7mW 10...30 V DC
ILM12F-L-635-7-58 line red (635nm) 7mW 4.5... 30 V DC


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